Lydbrook Memorial Hall and Recreation Ground has a New Website!


Here it is! The new website for all things to do with Lydbrook Memorial Hall and Recreation Ground.

The committee of trustees invites you to enjoy the site, examine the information, comment on what you see, and, should you be so inclined, support this local charity in any form you are able.

At present, a lot of work is being done by the committee and various volunteers to make the Hall more attractive. We are decorating the interior, and will begin on the outside now the weather has finally turned. If you’d like to give us some help, please see the details on the Welcome Page.

2018 04 14 Rec in play 6

We are also improving the Recreation Ground so that it can be enjoyed by all who use it. You’ll know that the wall leading up to the car park entrance on Church Road is currently being altered. This is to make visibility better for motorists and pedestrians using the car park and the field. The work was interrupted by the bad weather, but should shortly get underway again.

It’s our intention to make the ground fully boar-proof in the future. This is likely to cost a good deal of money, and we’ll be seeking funding in the form of grants to have this work carried out. In the meantime, we’re investigating the possibility of repairing the iron railings along Church Road. We’ll be organising some work parties to clear the brambles and weeds at the base of the fence so that repairs can be made. If you’d like to help with this work, please see the details at the foot of the Welcome page.

Finally, for this introductory post, we invite you to ‘follow’ the site by clicking on the link bottom left. This will take you to a short form to complete and, as a result, you’ll get an email every time a new post is placed here, so you can always keep informed about what’s happening.

15 thoughts on “Lydbrook Memorial Hall and Recreation Ground has a New Website!”

    1. A valid question, Neil. Matt Jones maintains the car park area at his own expense, and recently extended it at no cost to the Trust. Also, he has supplied the new fencing erected where the old wall has been reduced in height, again at his own expense. It’s our intention to extend the car park further, once the work on the fence and wall has been completed.


  1. I was in a collision with another Car because the Cars were parked bumper to bumper all the way along the road, right up to level with the Road in, (on the corner,) so I couldn’t see what was coming as all of the Cars including the one parked on the corner illegally, were blocking my view. There was a little girl sitting in the passenger’s seat where the impact was, luckily, I wasn’t going at any kind of speed beyond 5 miles an hour. I had to turn around there one day, when I forgot to pick up my Fish and Chips. The little Girl didn’t seem at all distressed and I did ask her and her Mother several times if they were OK. PLEASE do NOT OBSTRUCT that Corner!

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  2. I am really Glad to see there is Website at last for the Memorial Hall , I would like to get involved with Events there if possible. Perhaps you could put my name down as a ‘Volunteer’ ? I am the Moderator and Founder Member of ‘Next Door’ one of the local Web Pages, so am happy for you to Post Ads there for Events. Incidentally, ‘Next Door’ is not so intrusive as Facebook, doesn’t ask a lot of personal questions and doesn’t share your personal Data like they do. You would be welcome to join if you haven’t already.

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    1. I’m a member of ‘Next Door’, Christine, so I’ll stick a link on there, if I may. As for the volunteer aspect, please contact Faith Myers using the details on the ‘Bookings’ page and she’ll take your details so we can let you know what we’re doing, and when. The next decorating session is at 09:30 on Saturday 21st April, if you’d like to come along. Thank you.


    1. Thankyou, Karen and Simon. Please pass your details to Faith Myers via the ‘Bookings’ page, so she can ensure you’re alerted when we arrange the sessions.


  3. Hello again, I thought you were going to post the link on ‘Next Door’ Stuart Taken, but no link has been posted. So I missed the Annual General Meeting that I wanted to attend and could have done, as there was no notification of that ‘Event’ posted on ‘Next Door’ either. I expect you have been busy and forgot. Please will you post a link there, so we can see what Events are due etc., thank you.

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  4. I see I cannot ‘edit’ my comment and I found the link, thanks. But you need to post Events on Next Door too, I suppose I could do that if that’s OK with you….

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    1. Hi Christine. My apologies for missing the link; I’ve been fitting this all in between dealing with the publisher’s edit notes for my latest book. It’s a time sensitive issue, and I get a bit obsessive about the writing.
      I’ll post the link from the latest piece to Next Door, and try to remember you when I announce future posts.


  5. Great to see a website we can keep an eye on plans for the field. We walk our dogs in there a lot, and really pleased to see new dogs bins, we always pick up, incluidng too often after others who don’t, if we ensure we leave the field how we found it everyone can enjoy it together safely and cleanly.

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    1. Thank you. Yes, it’s important dog walkers clean up after their pets, as not only the footballers use the field but children use if as well.


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