Lydbrook Memorial Hall and Recreation Ground has a New Website!


Here it is! The new website for all things to do with Lydbrook Memorial Hall and Recreation Ground.

The committee of trustees invites you to enjoy the site, examine the information, comment on what you see, and, should you be so inclined, support this local charity in any form you are able.

At present, a lot of work is being done by the committee and various volunteers to make the Hall more attractive. We are decorating the interior, and will begin on the outside now the weather has finally turned. If you’d like to give us some help, please see the details on the Welcome Page.

2018 04 14 Rec in play 6

We are also improving the Recreation Ground so that it can be enjoyed by all who use it. You’ll know that the wall leading up to the car park entrance on Church Road is currently being altered. This is to make visibility better for motorists and pedestrians using the car park and the field. The work was interrupted by the bad weather, but should shortly get underway again.

It’s our intention to make the ground fully boar-proof in the future. This is likely to cost a good deal of money, and we’ll be seeking funding in the form of grants to have this work carried out. In the meantime, we’re investigating the possibility of repairing the iron railings along Church Road. We’ll be organising some work parties to clear the brambles and weeds at the base of the fence so that repairs can be made. If you’d like to help with this work, please see the details at the foot of the Welcome page.

Finally, for this introductory post, we invite you to ‘follow’ the site by clicking on the link bottom left. This will take you to a short form to complete and, as a result, you’ll get an email every time a new post is placed here, so you can always keep informed about what’s happening.