Minutes and Accounts

On this page, you’ll find links to take you to documents recording the minutes of each meeting of the Committee. Simply click on the link and it will take you to the document. They’re listed with the latest at the top and descend in date order to the earliest available. Each time the trustees meet, a new document will be posted here.

You will also find the current statement of accounts, so that you can see whether the Committee is using resources sensibly. There is space below for any comments and observations, which will be placed before the Committee at the next opportunity.

Minutes for April 2nd 2019

Minutes for March 5th 2019

Minutes for February 5th 2019

Minutes for January 8th 2019

Minutes for November 6th 2018

Minutes for October 9th 2018

Minutes for September 4th 2018

Minutes for August 7th 2018

Minutes for July 3rd 2018

Minutes for June 10th 2018 AGM

Minutes for May 1st 2018.

Minutes for April 3rd 2018.

Minutes for March 6th 2018.

Minutes for February 6th 2018.

Minutes for January 9th 2018.

Minutes for November 7th 2017.

Minutes for October 17th 2017.

Minutes for September 5th 2017.

Minutes for August 1st 2017.

Minutes for July 11th 2017.

Minutes for June 13th 2017.

Minutes for May 2nd 2017.

Minutes for April 4th 2017.

Minutes for March 7th 2017.

Minutes for February 7th 2017.

Minutes for January 3rd 2017.

Minutes for December 6th 2016.

Minutes for November 1st 2016.

Minutes for October 4th 2016.

Minutes for September 6th 2016.

Minutes for August 16th 2016.

2018 04 14 acc statement
Accounts Summary 1/5/17 – 30/4/18

Accounts for 2014 to 2017. (Apologies for quality of part of this file)

Chairman’s Report on AGM 2017.

Treasurer’s Report on AGM 2017.

Accounts Summary for AGM 2017.

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